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I. Love. Marketing. Quick overview: I am keen to creating and following through, from canvas to fruition and back:   targeted social media campaigns... content and internet marketing... and product and branding campaigns. I love the balance that Marketing gives me: I get to be creative and come up with campaigns, content and strategy; then I get to be analytical and look up which campaigns worked best and what angles can be improved upon.


Whatever the path, the journey my marketing and writing career has taken me on has been fun, educational, and exciting. There's a saying that goes something like, "In Marketing, just wait fifteen minutes -- trends will change, so keep up!" I love keeping up!


•Marketing Operations

•Marketing Automation

•Tech Stack Implementation (CRM, MAS, SM, +)

•Copy writing
•Website Design, Creative Design
•Social Media Campaigns and Analysis
•Branding and Identity
•Internet Marketing (SEO, PPC)
•Reporting and ROI, SEM, SMO Analysis
•Affiliate Marketing
•Public Relations Initiatives
•Direct Marketing
•Non-profit development
•Grant writing